DropTine Archery
Arrow Repair, Bow Tuning, Bow Repair, Bow Preventative Maintenance, Custom Arrows, Hunting & Target Shooting Consulting, Public & Private Lessons, String & Cable Servicing & Repair, Warranty Service.
$3.00 Draw Weight (check/adjust)
$3.00 Mark Cams
$5.00 Tiller (check/adjust)
$3.00 Nock Set (check/adjust)
$5.00 Center Shot (check/adjust)
$25.00 Paper Tune
$5.00 Install Peep (serve)
$5.00 Install String Silencers (plus silencers)
$10.00 Install Eliminator Buttons (plus eliminator cost)
$5.00 Install Sight (set one pin)
$10.00 Install Rest (set center shot/nock point)
$5.00 Install Quiver
$2.00 Set-Up Broadheads (per arrow)
$15.00 Replace Center Serve (string)
$20.00 Replace End Serve (both ends of cable)
$1.00 Cut Arrow/Replace Insert (per arrow)
$1.00 Replace Arrow Nock (plus nock cost)
$4.00 Refletch Vanes (per arrow)
$5.00 Refletch Feathers (per arrow)
$50.00 Bow Tune (labor only)
$175.00 Super Tune (includes new strings and cables)
$10.00 String Loop (labor and loop material)
$75.00 Bow Set-Up (purchased @ other shop)
FREE Bow Set-Up (purchased @ DropTine Archery)
$40.00 Bow Preventive Maintenance
$120.00 New Strings and cables (pick 2 colors)
$15.00 Replace String (plus string cost)
$25.00 Replace Cables (plus cable cost)
$25.00 Timing Cams (set/mark)
$25.00 Shooting Instructions (per 30 minutes)
$10.00 Module Replacement (plus module cost)
$15.00 Replace Cam (plus cost of cam)
$15.00 Shipping Charge (prices vary on warranty items)
$15.00 Set 3rd Axis for Sight

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